As the aggressor’s propaganda resources reported a few days ago, a certain artillery crew of the “private military company” “Livadia” fired on boats on the Dnipro River near Kherson, allegedly “with Ukrainian military personnel”.

Let us recall that the terrorist structure “Livadia” was previously linked by the invaders’ “Crimean” propaganda with another criminal structure “Convoy”, declared as a kind of aggressor’s “Crimean” unit, as well as “Aksenovites”.

And although the criminal Sergey Aksyonov really did PR “against the background” of the “Convoy”, and individual Crimean mercenaries were indeed noted in it, nevertheless, a significant part of this structure, it is also the “30th BARS battalion” and “reservists” under the aggressor’s 150th motorized rifle division , are not residents of the occupied Crimea, but Russians.

Returning to the shelling on the Dnipro River, we note that the American journalist Dylan Burns, analyzing the aggressor’s propaganda message about the “Livadia”, proved that there were obviously no “Ukrainian soldiers” in the shelled boats, that they were exclusively volunteers who tried to help the victims of the flood after the aggressor undermined the Kakhovka HPP.

Burns said that he was sure of this, because the day before he had filmed them, and as a result of the shelling, British volunteer John Jones was wounded. Later, the office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine stated that only two rescuers who evacuated the local population were injured.

Burns published photos of Jones, German aid workers and local volunteers shortly before the strike: “they were in the same boats that were fired upon by the Russians during the rescue efforts. They published evidence of their own war crimes”.

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