As our Association previously reported, the terrorist structure “Wagner” organized a massive criminal recruitment of “new fighters”, as well as “medical personnel” on the territory of the occupied Crimea,.
We already wrote about the first results of this process, in the form of the murderer of the old woman Alexander Lisnyak, who was criminally recruited in the Russian colony and now was sent as “cargo 200” to the Krasnogvardeisky District.

However, now the process of burials of the “Crimean Wagnerites” has become massive enough to indicate certain trends after the ARC revealed a dozen such “obituaries” on social networks.
In particular, these are Dmitryi Sidorenko, Alexander Trushkin, Andrey Vasin and Stanislav Yezhov from Sevastopol, Sergey Anastasov and Ivan Omelchenko from Simferopol, Viktor Mushenkov from Krasnogvardeiske, Artem Kratko from Dzhankoy and Vadim Misyuna from Yevpatoria.

These characters have common in their death in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions from October to December 2022, as well as their average age – more than 40 years, except for Misyuna, a “graduate of the Yevpatoria technical school”.

A number of mercenaries, such as Vasin and Misyuna, had a general criminal past, and a significant part of them first “fell into open sources” after their death, apparently not having been noted for anything at all in their lives.

As “exceptions”, it is worth mentioning Yezhov, who was once assigned to a “production and advertising company” with the “speaking name” “Authority”, and Sidorenko, who “headed” the “horticultural partnership” “Hydrograph” under occupation.

And these, and most of the other mentioned persons, obviously flattered by the criminal offer primarily for the sake of the specter of profit, and Vasin and Misyuna were traced on the fake “way out of prison”.

It is worth mentioning only Mushenkov of the dead aggressor’s mercenaries, more or less connected with the criminal “Russian world”, who participated in the Anti-Maidan in February 2014, as well as Anastasov, who criminally participated in the war against Ukraine from the beginning of the occupation of the Crimea in the role of a “Cossack”, then fought in the ranks of the Donetsk terrorists near Saur-Mohyla and, unlike the majority of the said “cargo 200”, illegally moved to the Crimea from Russia after the start of the occupation.

Also, “Crimean Wagnerites” are captured, for example, this is Dmitry Yakuchenko from Eastern Crimea, who, according to him, “served a term of 19 years for murder” and then was captured by the Ukrainian Army in December 2022. Yakuchenko later publicly called on the recruited aggressor’s mercenaries to surrender in order to save their lives.

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