As one would expect, after pathetic statements from collaborators that “Crimean athletes refused to go to the Olympics”, the aggressor-controlled “media” on the peninsula, preferring to “ignore” the simple issue discussed on social networks about “the concrete names of the Crimean athletes who joined the Olympic team and refused to go to Paris”, began to predict “all sorts of problems” for Parisian sporting events.
Among other things, it is reported that “the state of the water in the Seine is “alarming”, while triathlon and swimming competitions are to be held on the river”, and that it was allegedly “exceeded in the concentration of two bacteria that indicate fecal contamination, which makes the water unsuitable for swimming” and that supposedly “possible heavy rainfall will make the Seine even dirtier”.
The fact that readers are asked to “forget” about dozens of French sports complexes for water sports, where Olympic events can be moved if necessary, is not surprising, however, against the backdrop of ongoing massive floods in Russia, such “touching concern” of the aggressor’s propaganda about “two bacteria” looks already extremely exotic.
However, on social networks, Sevastopol residents immediately suggested comparing the quantity, as well as the diversity of all kinds of bacteria in the Seine, Salgir and the Great Sevastopol Bay, and here it is obvious that the French will not win “gold in the team swim”.

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