As follows from the statements of the occupiers-controlled “media”, the fake “Ukrainian community of Crimea” will be involved for the propaganda cover of the international crimes committed by the aggressor in the occupied mainland South of Ukraine, that “community” actually consists of one Russian special services’ “talking head” Anastasia Gridchina, accomplice of aged spy Georgy Muradov.

This figure, who has been trying to lie on international platforms since 2015 about the allegedly “happy life” of Ukrainians in the occupied Crimea, will now do the same about the population of the mainland. Gridchina’s statements as an attempt to “justify” racial discrimination and genocide of ethnic Ukrainians are certainly a form of complicity in the relevant international crimes.

In this format, the most tragicomic is the fact that Gridchina, prepared by the aggressor for the “external audience”, is the only person on the peninsula of which the occupiers are “allowed to recognize” the existence of the Ukrainian language and Ukrainian ethnicity in general, and also declare that “in many of our families Ukrainians songs are loved”.

As it is well-known, the rest of the Crimean residents, who dared to listen to or perform a Ukrainian song in a public place, expect at least a “fine” from the occupiers.

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