As we wrote on March 3 in the occupied Sevastopol, another “cargo 200” Sergey Logvinenko was buried, notable for the fact, that in the Luhansk Region, as a “volunteer”, he allegedly “commanded a unit of the BARS detachment”, that is, “combat army reserve personnel”.

ARC pointed out that as part of the preparations for a large-scale aggression, Russia began to criminally form “BARS” structures since 2021, not only on its own territory, but also in the occupied Crimea, but since February 2022, these “Crimean” structures “BARS” “do not shone” in the occupiers’ propaganda, as we indicated, due to not very significant numbers.

However, on March 8, Kremlin propaganda decided to “refute” this disappointing situation for the aggressor regarding volunteers and published “congratulations from Crimean women” from supposedly “volunteers” from the “detachment” “BARS-20”. However, this aggressor’s “hint” on the “Crimean BARS” is easily refuted from open sources.

It is the detachment “BARS-20” or “Grom” (“Thunder”), as well as its two criminal “brothers”, “BARS-9” and “BARS-13” that have a feature that distinguishes them from other “reservists”, they are “provided” not through the aggressor’s Ministry of Defense, but from the criminal “Union of volunteers of Donbass”, through the activities of Alexander Borodai and the terrorist “Orthodox oligarch” Konstantin Malofeev.

Naturally, it is possible that in the “Malofeev’s” detachments of “reservists”, although not very numerous, there are also individual Crimean residents, such as the murdered Logvinenko, but the aggressor failed to collect individual “BARS” structures on the occupied peninsula.

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