Earlier, it was repeatedly reported about the aggressor’s provocations, which have been ongoing since 2014, regarding the so-called “Crimean football championship”, including at the UEFA level.

Since 2022, the aggressor’s Kremlin-controlled football organizations have been trying to “get out of the boycott situation” to move from UEFA to the Asian Football Confederation, but in the beginning of March, these Kremlin-controlled structures began a new “stream of ideas”.

So, “suddenly” Russian propaganda began to broadcast a Russian agent of influence in Hungary, the former head coach of the Russian national team Stanislav Cherchesov, now coaching the Hungarian “Ferencváros”.

Cherkesov stated that “football in Russia has always been part of Europe, and therefore there is no need to rush when discussing whether the Russian Football Union should come under the auspices of the Asian Football Confederation”.

Cherkesov stated that “the transition to the Asian confederation would be calculated not for a month or a year, but for many years. Therefore, we need to weigh what is better: wait another year and see, or quickly switch, and then play in Asian confederation tournaments for decades.”

At the same time, the fake “President of the Crimean Football Union” Sergey Borodkin said that “football clubs” from the Russia-occupied areas of mainland Ukraine will be able to participate in the “Crimean championships”, and that football players from there are already “training on the peninsula”.

It is extremely likely that Russia will now again try to bargain with UEFA about “keeping a place in European competitions”, and will also return to the previous provocative concepts of the “Crimean championships”, with the participation of “football teams” from the occupied mainland.

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