As it was mentioned earlier, on February 23, the UN General Assembly and the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly actively discussed large-scale violations of international law by the Russian Federation and international crimes committed by Russian-controlled persons as part of large-scale Russian aggression.

Crimean collaborators predictably issued a number of criminal statements on this occasion. In particular, the criminal “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov directly began to threaten Latvia with a Russian invasion, saying about “the last Latvian who will turn off the lights at the Riga airport”. Konstantinov also said that the aggressor needs to withdraw “from all international organizations in which it is technically impossible to defend” the criminal interests of the Kremlin.

The criminal “Crimean duma deputy” Mikhail Sheremet also stated that the UN allegedly “lost the sense of existence in the current format” and “has outlived itself”, “which means that the whole meaning of further existence is lost”. Of course, it is unlikely that anyone in international institutions is interested in the statements of Sheremet and Konstantinov, but it can be assumed that they appeared for some reason.

Obviously, the aggressor’s propaganda understands the deplorable prospects for the Russian Federation on international platforms, including the prospects for discussing the illegality of Russia’s presence in the UN Security Council, and the possibility of new Conferences on Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Under such conditions, it is extremely likely that the Russia’s Crimean puppets are beginning to “prepare the information ground” for further developments that are disappointing for the Kremlin.

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