On February 21, a show with “Putin’s message to the federal assembly” was held in Moscow, which was massively announced for several days in all aggressor-controlled sources as some kind of almost “historical event”.

But the theses voiced by the dictator were exhaustively characterized by an experienced Crimean expert Andrei Klimenko, pointing out that this was “a typical report not even at the Congress of the CPSU of the Brezhnev era during the stagnation, that is, in the late 1970s and early 1980s (there the reports were better structured, and international parts were sharper) – this is a very average “parthozaktiv””.

“That is, the Russian Federation has finally returned“ to the roots ”, to the Soviet past of the times of stagnation. They purposefully went there and, finally, they came”, Klimenko pointed out. At the same time, the “Crimean” and other aggressor’s talking heads, having fallen into an absurd situation with mass announcements, are now playing the “naked king” and declaring some “strategic statements” those were not there.

Basically, they repost the text from the speechwriters of the criminal Sergei Aksyonov, regarding Putin’s supposedly “frontier, strategic, bright” set of criminal words, which, in fact, did not contain anything “new”.

However, in parallel, as a clear symbol of the hopelessness of the aggressor, the same “Crimean channels” on February 21 simultaneously launched a massive criminal “advertisement” of the “Wagner” terrorists.

Also, probably “in development” of the words of the Kremlin dictator about the allegedly “reliable land bridge” to the occupied Crimea, on February 21, the criminal “state council” of the occupiers announced that they criminally need a “draft federal program for the organization of maritime transportation in the Black and Azov Seas”.

Since, the traitors added, the illegal “overland communication by road and rail” with Russia “is not enough to provide … essential goods, and the transportation of goods through the Kerch Strait depends on weather conditions.”

So the Crimean collaborators give the Kremlin a clear “return message” – they will continue the current game of “naked king” only if their corrupt opportunities are significantly increased. But will the aggressor, in the context of its systemic crisis, somehow “increase their milk yield” is, however, a clearly rhetorical question.

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