The Russian invaders’ “Crimean” propaganda continues its attempts to “glorify” the dead soldiers of the aggressor’s army, and some trends in this area resemble the “best” Soviet experience as much as possible.

So, in mid-February, the criminal “administration” of Yevpatoria announced nine more “commemorative plaques” about the corresponding cargo “200”. At the same time, the announced list exactly coincides in last names with the list of “32 Crimean residents from different districts” announced a week earlier at the fake “meeting” of the criminal “State council’s committee on patriotic education and veterans’ affairs”.

It should be noted that, among the indicated “Yevpatorians”, Alexander Ivankov, Nikolai Kotikov and Igor Reznikov were not previously mentioned in open sources at all, which shows a significant level of “Crimean cargo 200”, that escapes the attention of analysts.

It was tragicomic for the Russian occupiers to come out with “junior sergeant of the motorized battalion of the Russian Guard” Viktor Toshmotov from the Razdolnensky District, who was killed, like most of the other “new faces on the boards”, in August 2022, which has already received a similar one in his village Serebryanka two weeks before the “Yevpatoria board” and before “list, approved by the state council”.

In general, the occupiers’ “new Yevpatoria boards” came out with a clear “skew” just in the direction of the “August bodies” of the criminal “Rosgvardia”, although, naturally, other aggressor’s structures are at least not far behind in terms of “cargo 200”. In addition to Toshmotov, “trainers of the cynological group” of the same “Rosguard”, senior sergeants Gasanov Timur and Mishunin Artem appeared in the “race on the boards”.

Such killed “Rosgvardians” are more noteworthy, as Sergey Zorin, a participant in the occupation of the Crimea, who lived in Yevpatoria after 2014, who was seen in the criminal “garrison of the Zaporizhzhya NPP” in the summer of 2022, as well as warrant officer Roman Asabin, a kickboxer, a “Berkut” member and a participant in the events on the “Maidan” 2014.

By the way, according to Asabin, as well as according to Toshmotov, this is also the “second board”, since in fact he lived in Novofedorovka, Saki District; therefore, most likely, the occupiers’ “new wave of boards” is placed “in the place of the military unit” of these corpses, located by the aggressor in Yevpatoria.

However, Yevpatoriyan residents have a strong feeling that with such a pace of “deliveries of cargo 200” and the placement of “boards” by collaborators soon enough, there will simply be no buildings free from them in the city.

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