We have repeatedly mentioned the fixation not only by objective observers, but also by many collaborators of the situation of “zeroing out” the occupied Crimea as a “resort” in the context of the current large-scale Russian aggression.

However, for many “businessmen” serving the occupiers, the “search for the guilty” in the fact of the absence of any “tourists” sometimes does not go further than the nearest “boss”.

Another tragicomic situation in this style could be observed in Koktebel, recently “famous” for a fight between impoverished “businessmen” for a roll bought on the embankment “from the wrong entrepreneur”.

We have already mentioned the “petrel of change”, local “blogger” Alexander Gorny, controlled by the Russian special services, has been “significantly promising” for a couple of months the “resignation and imprisonment” of local “officials” when “everything will be sorted out at the top”.
Instead, the “local business” noticed that the criminal “administration” suddenly started a “repair of the embankment” of Koktebel, which will take “at least 19 months”, during which the object, which is the main “commercial artery” of the former resort, will be blocked.

Based on the experience of previous “repairs” of the Crimean embankments, it is obvious that no one plans to complete it in the foreseeable future, and now local “businessmen” and collaborators have found in the “repairers” the “extreme ones” in the absence of “tourists”, which makes the local “kings of the coast” fight each other for every penny.

However, after the “ businessmens’ complaints” sent to “bad subordinates”, it was the persons involved in the “petitions”, the criminal “Minister of Tourism” Vadim Volchenko and his local “viceroy” Alexander Belin, who arrived in Kokebel.

They not only “shut up” everyone who was dissatisfied with the upcoming “laundering of millions” during the “repair”, but also defiantly pointed out the place to the same Gorny and his Yalta colleague, “journalist” Sergei Sardyko, expelling them from the “event”.

It remains for such small-town “fighters for everything good” from former resort towns to publicly “angrily criticize” Macron, Biden and Stepan Bendera, and publishing everything else is now quite risky for their health.

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