We have previously written several times about the fake “water blockade trial” that was fabricated in occupied Simferopol by collaborators from the “state council”, including Vladimir Konstantinov and Efim Fiks. The worthless conclusion of this show in October clearly did not become a “ground” not only for so called “legal consequences”, but also did not become a criminal “springboard” for the “media resonance”, including in third countries, that the occupiers clearly expected.

Now Konstantinov’s group has announced another fake “trial”, this time regarding the so-called “energy blockade of the peninsula since 2015”. This farce is notable not only in the context of the aggressor’s destruction, who invaded the south of mainland Ukraine precisely from the occupied Crimea of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station and their seizure and corresponding paralysis of the work of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant since 2022, but also because in 2014 the aggressor criminally seized the Crimean facilities of the Ukrainian energy system.

In early November of this year, the Ukrainian energy company DTEK won an international arbitration against Russia regarding its assets remaining in occupied Crimea; this international body ordered the Russian Federation to pay the Ukrainian company $267 million in compensation. In addition, the European Court of Human Rights is considering a number of applications from owners of private energy facilities criminally “confiscated” by the occupiers in 2014; in this situation, any fake “trials” from the occupiers will be an obvious useless attempt to “distract attention” from the real processes to inevitably hold the aggressor accountable for the damage caused to them, including in the energy sector.

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