As it was already mentioned, on January 4, adviser to the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak, in his Twitter account, stated that “no one will stop …until the Russians leave Ukraine, return to the Ukrainians the houses and apartments stolen from them in the Crimea.”

This statement of an obvious fact predictably “did not leave indifferent” the Crimean aggressor’s puppets, such as the criminal “head of the committee on public diplomacy and interethnic relations” Yuri Gempel. This collaborator cynically stated that the aggressor’s criminal “authorities” allegedly “didn’t take away any houses or apartments from the citizens of Ukraine.”

At the same time, the same Hempel and his accomplices throughout 2022 talked from “every iron” about the prospects, and then about the beginning of the criminal “nationalization” of individual real estate objects “belonging to supporters of the Ukrainian authorities”, including residential real estate.

Hempel also “suddenly forgot” about the previous “wave” of criminal “nationalization” of 2014-2015, and about the criminal “alienation” of land plots for Ukrainian citizenship of their owners, which began in 2020, as well as about the epics with dacha and garage cooperatives, the owners of objects in which find themselves in difficult situations soon after the title documents somehow get into the criminal occupiers’ “administration”.

However, the Ukrainian authorities apparently have a number of drugs that can effectively and intelligibly cure these “memory gaps” of the Crimean puppets of the Kremlin in the not so distant future.

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