In early October, the occupiers intensified the flow of statements about a “new railway” that would allegedly “connect Taganrog, Mariupol, Berdyansk, Melitopol and Dzhankoy,” including criminal announcements by the fake “Minister of economic development of the Zaporizhzhya region” Yuri Guskov from Yekaterinburg that allegedly “the final design of the road will take several weeks.” The fact that the occupiers in their “alternative reality” explain this project not by its obvious proximity to the front, but by nonsense about the current “inconvenient route from a logistics point of view,” which supposedly “does not satisfy the needs for transportation on the Azov coast”, is not surprising.

But it is worth noting the squabble that has begun between the “governments” in Donetsk and Melitopol over the main beneficiary of the distribution of “federal funds”, since the aggressor hands over the “construction of the railway track” to the criminal “Railways of Novorossiya”, “created” in May of this year with “headquarters” in Donetsk.

The aggressor decided to “unite” the illegal structures of the “Donetsk Railway”, “Luhansk Railway”, “Kherson Railway”, “Melitopol Railway” and “Donbass Railways” into this criminal concern. And if “under the wing” of the criminal “authorities” of Melitopol and Henichesk there are only “paper castles”, then the illegal railway workers in Donetsk and Luhansk “have something to lose” in the process of “mergers and acquisitions” and therefore the “construction of the century” is gradually overgrown with a corresponding behind-the-scenes struggle where it is worth predicting an increased level of “creativity”

Let us recall that Yuri Guskov managed, among other things, in the spring to launder “budget money” on a statement to the “investigative committee” about “crimes of the US President.” The funds went into the “deep Sverdlovsk pocket” according to a “signed memorandum between the Zaporizhzhya region” and the “International academy of informatization”, personally controlled by Guskov, for… spam emails in the form of “appeals to the embassies of 192 countries with a request to respond to the statement regarding Biden, as well as comment on the previously issued arrest warrant for Russian president Putin”.

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