In recent days, the Russian occupiers have begun to declare preparations for criminal “elections” to the illegal invaders’ “parliaments”, which the aggressor wants to “formalize” in the mainland south of Ukraine under the guise of two criminal “regional councils”.

In this format, the invaders’ propaganda of stated that on February 15, the head of the aggressor’s Central election commission, Ella Pamfilova, criminally “recommended to include” the illegal “member of the election commission” of the Russia-occupied Crimea Sergey Vysotin in the same illegal “electoral commission of the Kherson region”.

At the same time, the same collaborators as during the fake “referendum” will criminally “lead” the illegal “regional election commissions”; for Melitopol, this is Galina Katyushchenko with Elena Sivenkova, and for Henichesk, Marina Zakharova plans to play a similar criminal role.

In addition to the indicated Krasnoperekopsk collaborator Vysotin, the Crimean traitors to the motherland intend, according to the criminal Volodimir Saldo, to provide illegal “methodological assistance” to their mainland “colleagues”.

However, it is obvious that the announcement of fake “elections” in the current conditions becomes more like a “good face for a bad game” for collaborators, since they themselves can only vaguely guess where geographically and in what conditions of detention the above-mentioned “figures” will be located by the fall of 2023.

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