As the invaders’ propaganda reported, the illegal “Chernomorneftegaz”, controlled by the aggressor, plans to “drill three new production wells” on the territory of the Zahidno-Oktyabrske gas field in the Chernomorsky district of the Russia-occupied peninsula, located near the village of Medvedevo (Tabuldy).

The reasons for the ‘return to land” of illegal gas production are quite obvious – the Russian occupiers had serious and well-known problems with drilling in offshore fields. Demand itself will “revive” Zahidno-Oktyabrske, where gas was actively mined from 1971 to 1984, pumping out 61.9 million cubic meters of gas and 23.3 thousand tons of condensate, it is quite doubtful, however, it is worth paying attention to another factor.

As the Russian invaders claim, the current illegal drilling was preceded by the illegal design of “exploitation wells with the necessary set of well structures”, as well as “a general collector with its subsequent connection to the gas collection pipeline”, the “pipeline routes” themselves, and so on. At the same time, it is recognized that the “Constructor-Technological Project Institute “Gazproekt” from St. Petersburg acted as the criminal “general designer”.

At the same time, “Gazproekt” itself, which is directly recognized on its web resources, is a subsidiary of the company “Diakont”, registered in Moscow, as “a full-cycle enterprise that produces high-tech products to improve safety in the nuclear and gas industry”.

In 2017, the Italian “daughter” of “Diacont”, which was created to demand access to the Ukrainian nuclear and gas energy market, fell under Ukrainian sanctions imposed by Decree No. 133/2017. However, in the future, in 2020, the sanctions against the “daughter” were terminated.

Moreover, since 2005 in Ukraine, “Diakont” LLC has been registered in the village of Vyta-Poshtova, Kyiv region, offering similar services to nuclear industry enterprises. In 2018, the publication of “Nashi Groshi” media proved the connection between Russian and Ukrainian “namesake companies” using the example of tenders with “Prykarpanttransgaz”. Thus, the need for a thorough assessment of the destructive influence of the aggressor’s corporation “Diakont” both on the government-controlled and Russia-occupied territories of Ukraine is obvious.

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