In early September, the occupiers staged another criminal show of fake “people’s diplomacy,” demonstrating several Chinese citizens as a “delegation,” including allegedly such “bloggers” as Zhao Jin, Xu Jijun, Hong Yuan, Wang Fang and Zhou Xiaoping. These persons involved in the fake “people’s diplomacy” and criminally visiting the occupied Mariupol and Simferopol do not hold positions in communist Beijing, although the aggressor’s propaganda boasts of the role of Xiaoping as an alleged “delegate” of the deliberative “people’s political advisory council,” which actually numbers more than two thousand “social activists”.

The aggressor’s special services entrusted propaganda support for the “visit” to their resource “Ukraina ru”; at the same time, Zhao Jin previously published there with a story about how his “company helped the Russian Embassy in China create and launch an official travel blog on the Chinese Weibo platform”.

Let us add that “accompanying the delegation” in occupied Simferopol, another propagandist from “Ukraine Ru” was seen, allegedly “sinologist ethnographer” Evgueni Singatouline, who had previously worked out the agenda of the aggressor’s special services in Australia. Previously, the occupiers had already carried out similar criminal “Chinese visits” with people who naturally represented only themselves, taking advantage of the fact that statements about the supposed “social significance” of “people’s diplomats” were difficult for Crimean residents to verify due to the language barrier.

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