Earlier, we repeatedly wrote that the aggressor intensified the illegal use of the illegal “Crimean” operator “Miranda Media” in the occupied Melitopol to provide illegal mobile communications.
This activation was preceded by the aggressor’s institution in November 2022 of the functionary of “Rostelecom” Ivan Zima, both in Miranda-Media and in the illegal “Krymtelecom”.

However, the criminal establishment of “Miranda-Media”, in the role of the “main Melitopol provider” on the basis of the “squeezed out” “Median”, has traditionally become the most negative factor from the Russian occupiers for the population.

The illegal “Crimean operator” continues to use the fake brand “Mir Telecom” as a criminal “layer”, and in fact access to the Internet is physically limited, allegedly due to some kind of “breakage” that the occupiers allegedly “have not been able to fix for more than a week”.

In addition, in order to illegally “connect” Melitopol residents are required to come to the “technical support” of the criminal “Mir Telecom” located by the occupiers in the seized building of “Ukrtelecom”, where they “provide passport data”.

It is noteworthy that all the “subscriber data” is copied by the criminal “employees” manually, after which the person is offered to come again, “in two weeks, for a login and password”. It is reported that in addition to such “Internet on a piece of paper”, swindlers from “Miranda-Media” offer “quick connection”, but through the “More-telecom” gasket and at a “double tariff”

The Association will continue to notify the UN and the World Telecommunication Union of these criminal processes.

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