The ARC repeatedly wrote that the aggressor began to actively use the criminal “Crimean mobile operator” “Miranda-media” in the Russia-occupied parts of Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions, in particular, to provide illegal mobile communications, as well as the Internet.

We wrote about the criminal statement by the occupiers of “Miranda-Media”, the illegal subsidiary of “Rostelecom”, in the role of the “main Melitopol Internet provider” based on the “squeezed out” “Mediana”, with “pads” in the form of fake “Mir Telecom” and “More-Telecom” brands, as well as the aggressor’s promises to make “Miranda Media” an illegal “mobile operator” for the entire mainland of Russia-occupied Ukrainian areas, including Donetsk and Luhansk.

This approach obviously “left out” a number of collaborators who naively expected that the occupiers would allow them to make “local earnings” on fake “mobile operators” and “Internet providers”, and also “could not please” individual “Donetsk telephony magnates”.

Melitopol collaborator Vladimir Rogov spoke as the “voice of the disadvantaged”, publicly attacking the “Crimean operator” with “criticism” regarding the “quality of communication”, “incomprehensible tariffs” and “dividing people into grades”.

However, here it is worth considering the criminal role of Rogov as an “official offended” and fake “oppositionist” to the Melitopol collaborator Yevgen Balitsky, associated with Sevastopol.

In 2023, the criminal “administration” of the occupiers with Balitsky in the role of a “talking head” began to “publicly refute” Rogov’s various and often absurd statements, and it is obvious that the current “public concern” is a belated fight of collaborators at the trough and will lead nowhere in the “Miranda case”.

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