Since January 19, residents of occupied Sevastopol have been “enjoying” the consequences of the flood in the Cherna River valley, associated with rapid melting of snow, flooding and damage to water intakes and, as a result, the disconnection of the city, except for its Northern Side, from water supply. And although the occupiers, mainly through the criminal “talking head” Mikhail Razvozhaev, began to say that “the last time such a natural situation happened in Sevastopol was in the 70s”, on social networks they began to post occupiers’ bravura reports from the previous years – and about the “clearing of riverbeds”, and about “alternative water supplies”.

In response, Razvozhaev, back in 2021, during the “fight against the great drought”, spoke in detail about “new water intakes” and “waterworks,” said that “the water supply scheme in Sevastopol is secret and one of the most complex,” which created literally fountains of sarcasm from a population of flooded and at the same time, the waterless city. Also the statement of the criminal “Rospotrebnadzor” added tragicomic to this situaton that allegedly “the quality of the water supplied in Sevastopol is normal, but after supply it still needs to be defended and boiled”. One of the Sevastopol memes was a recent photograph of the Yalta waterfall with the comment “this is Uchan-Su right now. Save it on your wall so that you have water at least somewhere”.

However, the occupiers do not forget about laundering funds from the “Epiphany flood with dehydration” and the fake “department of municipal services” decided to carry out an “agreement” with the Sevastopol company for the supply of purified drinking water “Vodograi”, controlled by the clan of Victor and Yuri Makarenko. The plot here is outlined as simple as a bucket: “Vodograi” will supposedly bottle water for citizens at 14 points for free, and then receive “compensation” for it; however, it is obvious that hundreds of thousands of citizens will actually not pass through 14 pump rooms, even with them working around the clock, but the “flow of fantasy” on paper about “reimbursement” will indeed be inexhaustible.

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