After aggressor announced a criminal “mobilization of population”, its massive hype began in issuing Russian ‘foreign visit passports’, which the invader’s propaganda began to explain with such ridiculous reasons as “a decade of the launch of the first biometric passports”, but in fact, the “annual growth in registration” amounted to 40%.

Against this background, the inhabitants of the occupied Crimea are in a rather difficult situation, since the only possible way to leave the peninsula relatively safely is to travel through same Russia to third countries; at the same time, Russian border guards usually do not let Crimean residents out without an “ausweiss” in the form of a “Russian foreign passport”. Many Crimean inhabitants do not have legal Ukrainian documents in the form of a foreign passport, and this primarily concerns young people from 17 years old, who are in the highest risk group.

The “passport crisis” for the aggressor has developed since the end of January 2023, when delays in the issuance of “passports with biometrics” were announced “at least until March.” At the same time, at first they tried to make the “Mikron” company producing “chips for passports” “extreme”, but due to the absurdity of this “version”, Russia’s “Gosznak” announced some “technical reasons” on its part, caused by allegedly “reconfiguration” and “optimization”.

The aggressor’s propaganda offered the population to issue passports of the “old type, without a chip”; however, as it is reported in the occupied Crimea, the aggressor “for some reason” is also not going to provide such a “service”. On this wave, “intermediaries” have already promptly appeared, offering on social networks to Crimean residents “issuing an old-style Russian international passport”, moreover, with the need to “departure to Moscow” and for a decent amount.

At the same time, the aggressor continues the mass policy of criminal forced “passportization” of Ukrainian citizens who remained in the territories of its mainland, occupied by Russia, and obviously there are no “technical reasons” for this from the aggressor’s “Gosznak”.

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