As reported by the “Center for Journalistic Investigations”, after the “bavovna” on April 3 with collaborator Maksym Zubarev, a gatelayer from Yakimivka in the occupied part of Zaporizhzhia Region, Russian occupiers “appointed” Yulia Gubanova, a citizen of the aggressor who had previously been moved from occupied Sevastopol, to his “suddenly vacant” criminal “position”.

In Russia-captured Melitopol, before her sudden appearance in Yakymivka, Gubanova played the criminal role of two “ministers” in the fields of transport and construction at the same time. Previously, this figure was enlightened by the occupiers in Sevastopol among the servants of the criminal “governor” Mykhail Razvozhayev as one of the “leaders” of the “Sevastopolstroyproekt”, who were often replaced, laying the foundations for the development of millions of “federal programs” by the “governor’s group”.

Yulia Gubanova is a Saratov-Moscow entrepreneur, “business partner” of the wife of the singer, State Duma deputy Denys Maidanov. We will remind that the criminal “Sevastopolstroyproekt” itself was formed by Razvozhayev in June 2020 through the “reorganization” of the illegal “Sevastopol” “football club”, the “founder” of which claimed to be a collaborator, Oleksandr Krasilnikov.

We have already written that the group of “friends of Razvozhayev” intends to use the aggressor’s “budgetary funds”, which are drying up, through the “Sevastopolbudproekt” to the limit, not excluding the “write-off of funds” in the “Melitopol direction”, which was previously criminally stated by another Crimean collaborator Pavlo Ieno.

The criminal Krasnoyarsk PR man Sergey Tolmachov, who was previously involved in Razvozhayev in Sevastopol, and now moved by the aggressor to the criminal role of “deputy governor” in Melitopol, is definitely involved in these scams. Apparently, and Razvozhaev and Tolmachov have large criminal plans on Gubanova, who is firmly tied to the Sevastopol scams, in the Russia-occupied Yakymivka.

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