On November 18, Russian special services organized another propaganda show in the occupied Simferopol, under the guise of an “international round table” “Development of relations between Crimean Tatars and compatriots abroad”.

The aggressor-controlled “Spiritual administration of Crimean muslims” was announced as the formal organizer of the “event”, at the “round table” of its “functionaries” the “mufti” Emirali Ablaev, his “deputy” Ayder Ismailov and “civil activist” Eskender Bilyalov, “close to the muftiate”, as well as to Sergey Aksyonov, were noted.

All these collaborators have been broadcasting the same theses since 2015, and their current activation is notable except for the “war of compromising evidence” between the “talking heads” of various Russian special services, when the “independent blogger” Eyvaz Umerov devoted the entire autumn of 2022 to spreading the “negative” about Ablaev and his “support group”.

Earlier, the ARC wrote, that after the fight on October 3 between Eyvaz Umerov and Aksyonov’s fake “advisor”, collaborator Ervin Musaev, Umerov moved away from the standard statements about the “insufficient loyalty” of competitors and expanded the “spectrum of compromising materials” to the entire fake “Council of Crimean Tatars” under Aksyonov and to the invaders-controlled “Crimean muftiate”, headed by Ablaev.

At the same time, Umerov’s “accusations” boiled down to allegedly receiving humanitarian aid by members of the “council” and key figures in the “muftiate” from individual Crimean Tatar public structures in Turkey. We already wrote that the main goal of Umerov, as the “talking head” of Russian military intelligence, was the “cleansing” of Crimean Tatar collaborators close to Aksenov and the FSB structures, including the “replacement of mufti” Ablaev, who has a similar “vector of cooperation” with FSB.

The show actually held on November 18 under the “patronage” of the fake “muftiate” should be considered a “retaliatory blow” from the FSB and the aggressor’s foreign intelligence, in order to “prove the usefulness” of Ablaev’s group “at the external level”. However, this “answer” was as tragicomic as the fight between Umerov, the “chief Tatar” according to the aggressor’s ministry of defense, and Musaev, who is connected with Russian foreign intelligence.

The fact is that the “internationality” of the fake “round table”, as conceived by its organizers, should have been provided by as many as three Crimean Tatars – fake “people’s diplomats” from Turkey and Uzbekistan Ünver Sel and Lenur Abdulganiev, as well as a collaborator from the Henichesk district Asan Aliyev.

The most comical in the role of a fake “foreign guest” was Aliyev, who tried to provide services to the Russians from the beginning of the occupation “on behalf of the Crimean Tatars of the Kherson region”, but it soon became obvious to everyone that he had no influence on this group of the indigenous people of Ukraine.

In this regard, Lenur Abdulganiev has become a more “interesting” figure for the aggressor, since he is actively involved in Uzbekistan itself for all kinds of pro-Russian actions by the “Russian House” in Tashkent and “Rossotrudnichestvo”.

The “religious status” of Abdulganiev allows Russian intelligence to “sell” him as allegedly a “representative of the Crimean Tatars”, which he is, by definition, not, and in such a status is not recognized by either the Uzbek authorities or the Crimean Tatar diaspora in this country.
In this dimension, the “old friend” of the aggressor from Turkey, Ünver Sel, is somewhat more “presentable”, since among his fake “titles” the Russian special services call “the head of the Federation of societies of Crimean Tatar culture”, and “the head of the Crimean development fund”, and “the representative of the branch of the international association of friends of Crimea in Turkey”, etc.

This “set of ranks” that makes Sel once again a “star” for the occupiers, since he “did not escape” from the media controlled by the aggressor on the third day after the “round table”.
At the same time, Sel stated that allegedly “Crimean Tatar organizations acting on behalf of Ukraine on the world stage have depreciated” and he broadcast the most extreme passages of Russian propaganda on any topic – from closing the Bosphorus to “Russian lands in the Balkans”.

However, as we have already written about Sel’s “adventures” in Turkey and Crimea, all his “magnificent epithets” have one problem – no one but Sel himself has been recorded in the mentioned structures.

And the current “aggravation of the Crimean Tatar issue” on behalf of the Russian special services and the “muftiat” is not only a “retaliation” in the conflict with Umerov, but also not only obtaining additional funding from the Kremlin, which was naively stated by the mentioned Eskender Bilyalov.

The fact is that, as ARC already wrote, on November 19, a meeting of the Platform of Crimean Tatar organizations of Turkey was held in Eskişehir, Turkey, which united 3 foundations, 31 public organizations and 4 initiative groups; Gayana Yuksel took part in the event on behalf of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People.

The Platform condemned both the repression of the occupiers against the Crimean Tatars and their criminal “mobilization” by the aggressor, which led to the departure of thousands of representatives of the indigenous people from the peninsula. In fact, the “show” with Sel was an aggressor’s attempt to “shadow” the forum in Eskişehir, but it was an extremely unsuccessful attempt.

It is also noteworthy that while Sel spoke on his own behalf about the alleged “great Russia” and the “depreciation of Crimean Tatar organizations”, representatives of the Mejlis and the Crimean Tatar Resource Center spoke at such an “insignificant” global event as the UN Climate Change Conference, which gathered more than a hundred heads of states and governments of the world.

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