On March 17, on a “teleconference” with the occupied Crimea, the Kremlin dictator, in addition to juggling fake millions, billions and trillions, discussed the “upcoming holiday season.”

In conditions when the “booking of Crimean hotels” for June is 23%, which has become the worst indicator since 2014, in the absence of illegal flights, with the illegal “Crimean bridge” half blocked and the coast of Western Crimea was dug up by the “Aksyonov’s Line”, it is extremely difficult to even talk about fake “prospects for the summer season.”

Therefore, the aggressor decided to make a video about “wise saving the situation”, but it turned out unconvincingly. In the video of the “meeting”, the aggressor’s Minister of economic development Maxim Reshetnikov proposed “redirecting the proceeds from the sale of foreign assets” in Russia “to the development of the tourism industry” of occupied Crimea and Sevastopol, distributing them, in the total amount of two and a half billion rubles, to “Crimean tour operators”.

However, Putin rejected such a proposal, saying that these funds would be used for “other needs” and that the deputy chairman of the Russian government Dmitry Chernyshenko “has funds within his budget” for “tourism support”, adding a rather vague phrase “the main thing is that he has them they didn’t take it.”

From this “exchange of opinions”, it became clear that no one in the Kremlin intends to support “Crimean tourism”, except for “particularly close beneficiaries”.

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