Among other “charms” of the current collapse of the “tourist sector” of the occupied peninsula, caused by large-scale Russian aggression, the aggressor’s propaganda is forced to admit that “the absence of tourists has knocked down the winemakers of Sevastopol and Crimea”.

At the same time, the “co-founder of the winery” “Belmas Winery”, collaborator Ekaterina Belmas, is quoted as admitting that “now is not the right time to be a winemaker in Crimea”, since “there are almost no tourists who in other years provided up to half of the sales of our wine”.

However, it is characteristic that at the same time, “winemakers” see their main “business efforts” not so much in the production of wine itself, but in frauds with vineyard lands stolen during the occupation, of course, primarily for illegal building, and with scams to launder fake “government investments” on “purchases of Russian seedlings” and “construction of tourist routes”.

At the same time, the low quality of such “planting material” is not hidden by the occupiers themselves, who are trying to show off the supposedly “seven thousand hectares” of vineyards planted under the conditions of occupation.

However, earlier we wrote that in order to maintain vineyards in a stable condition, it is necessary to plant at least a thousand hectares annually on the peninsula, and in the industry development program adopted in the Crimea in 2012, it was planned to plant at least thirty thousand hectares by 2020.

Thus, the decline of the Crimean viticulture was programmed by the occupation itself, and now it has only reached the limits that the occupiers simply cannot hide.

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