On January 25, the aggressor’s “Crimean” propaganda spread the “news” about the fake “first Cuban-Crimean readings dedicated to the 170th anniversary of Jose Marti” in the invaders-controlled “Crimean industrial and pedagogical university”.

The tragicomic nature of the “readings” consisted in the fact that no Cubans themselves were noticed on it, and the long-suffering “Island of Freedom” was represented by the so-called “public veterans” from the “Cubans”, that is, former military personnel and KGB workers, who participated since 1960 in Soviet intervention in that country.

In general, these “Cubans” have a certain “lobby” among the current Crimean collaborators, since even before 1991 they concentrated around the Simferopol higher military-political construction school, where they managed to “prepare” not only the criminal Sergei Aksenov, but also a number of “internationalists” for the Cuban army.

However, the Russian occupiers for some reason declared the “chief Cuban” to be the criminal “Minister of finance” Irina Kiviko, who had worked steadily in the tax structures on the peninsula before the Russian occupation. The absence of Cuban representatives at the illegal event did not bother the “organizers” of the fake “readings”, and they advised “university students” to look for them among the descendants of people who studied in the Crimea.

In this next propaganda show, the only remarkable thing is that it has once again recently been held in a fake “university”, which the occupiers illegally proclaimed on the basis of an institution, that until 2014 was mainly responsible for training the Crimean Tatar youth.

Now the Russian invaders, unsuccessfully imitating fake “international events”, are trying, completely manipulatively, to hide behind the “Crimean Tatar public”.

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