After the authorities of the United States, Germany and other countries announced the supply of significant batches of modern weapons to Ukraine, the Crimean collaborators predictably and criminally supported the aggressor’s hysteria.

So the infamous bandit of the “Seylem group” and now the fake “Duma Deputy” Mikhail Sheremet criminally stated that “the ongoing events have already gone beyond the scope of a conventional military conflict”, and demanded a “change in the status” of the Russian aggression, which supposedly “will allow to transfer the economy …on a war footing and mobilize all resources”.

It is hardly worth “explaining” to Sheremet and his puppeteers that it is impossible for an aggressor to “mobilize” something that in many areas on either no longer exists or is critically small under the aggressor’s control. However, it is obvious that the Kremlin is going to criminally “resolve this issue” exclusively in the style of “women are still giving birth”, which can only delay the aggressor’s inevitable defeat.

Also, waves of sarcasm were generated by attempts at “PR” from Sheremet’s old accomplice, the criminal “head of the Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov, who posted on social networks the alleged “vulnerabilities” of some modern German tanks.

Readers immediately recalled Aksyonov’s recent attempt to “promote” at the criminal “sniper school”, as well as the recent “rat fuss” about the loss of the criminal “humanitarian aid” for the aggressor’s army, with which persons close to the illegal “head of the Crimea” were associated.

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