Recently, the aggressor’s propaganda “suddenly” began to “notice” “separate interruptions” of mobile communications on the occupied peninsula, which was quite easy to “detect”.
The reasons for such “concern” were “stated” at the illegal “Crimean republican telecommunications forum” on January 20 in Russia-occupied Yevpatoria, the “organizer” of which was the criminal company “Miranda Media”.

We have already written about the use by the aggressor in the occupied parts of the Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions of precisely the illegal “Crimean” operator “Miranda-Media”, which “acted under cover”, exploiting the seized equipment as a kind of “anonymous operator”, later as criminal “Mir Telecom”.

In November 2022, both “Miranda Media” and another aggressor’s “communications company”, the illegal “Krymtelecom”, were headed by the same person – Ivan Zima, a key functionary of “Rostelecom”.

This “coincided” with the “genius adventures” described by us of the collaborator Ekaterina Gubareva, whose aggressor-pointed tasks included the criminal “providing Russian mobile communications” in the occupied Kherson Region.

At the criminal “post”, Gubareva was “replaced” by the occupants by Nikita Borodin, who from 2015 to 2019 was used by the aggressor in a similar criminal role as “deputy minister” in occupied Donetsk, but later was forced to “urgently leave” for Russia during internal fight between terrorist groups.

Ivan Zima’s current statements at the said “forum” included not only promising to create a criminal “communications monopoly” in the occupied Crimea on the basis of “Miranda Media” and “Krymtelecom”, but also to expand the criminal “zone of control” of these “operators”, both in the occupied south of Ukraine and in the occupied Donetsk and Luhansk.

Let us recall that the illegal “Krymtelecom”, controlled by “Rostelecom” is under the commercial control of the “Infrastructure Projects Management Company”, which is operated by people of Boris Rotenberg and Evgeny Roitman.

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