Our Association has already written about the fact that the Kremlin plans to criminally “register” from the “LDPR”, the international terrorist and arms and drug dealer Viktor Bout, as a fake “deputy of the Duma” from the illegal “Simferopol district”.

It was pointed out that this “chair became vacant” after the scandal “regarding Shoigu” with the fake “deputy” Alexei Chernyak, the protégé of the criminal “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov. In Moscow, the issue “according to Bout” was criminally implemented by the “LDPR” boss Leonid Slutsky, and on the occupied peninsula, this was “entrusted” to Sergei Aksyonov.

At the same time, on December 23, Konstantinov stated that it was “impossible and unrealistic” to “register” this scam, since “the positions of United Russia” (that is, the collaborator and swindler Konstantinov) in the occupied Simferopol are allegedly “fundamental”. However, as it quickly became clear, no one is particularly interested in the opinion of the Crimean puppet.

On January 20, the same Slutsky criminally and defiantly brought Bout to the occupied Simferopol “to the bride”, and then criminally took him on a “selfie tour” to the occupied Melitopol, to the local Russian invaders’ terrorist group

Now it is obvious that the Kremlin has “special views” on Bout, who has an openly common criminal and terrorist “train” and, possibly, the criminal “deputy scam” for the occupied peninsula will not be limited here.

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