The aggressor’s propaganda seized on the next statements of the criminal “head of Crimea” Sergey Aksyonov that the invaders could allegedly hold a “Crimean trial” on the occupied peninsula “by analogy with the Nuremberg trials”. This is not the first such collaborators’ fake statement, and this “agenda” has obviously been activated due to a number of factors.

The civilized states of the world are actively discussing holding a special international court for those guilty of unleashing and waging an aggressive war against Ukraine, and now we can already note a certain dialogue, for example, between France and the Netherlands, where exactly this process could take place.

Also, Ukrainian law enforcement officers, after the liberation of Izyum, Kupyansk and Kherson, are no longer conducting absentee, but full national trials on a number of detained collaborators, including those with not the last criminal roles in the occupational fake “administrations”.

However, it is obvious that after the collaborators recently publicly signed for the impossibility of holding a fake “water process” in the occupied Crimea, they are not able to “work out” such a show on their own purely technically, even according to the criminal “manual”, sent down from the Kremlin.

They also try in vain to “discredit” the announced international courts, as international law has moved ahead in the last seventy years since the “spirit of Nuremberg”, creating new, somewhat more humane standards even for such egregious criminals as Putin and his cabal. For example, no one will most likely hang them either in Kyiv or in The Hague, and they will obviously spend the rest of their days in prison cells.

Also, the “international process” requires international treaties and international law, and the aggressor has big problems with this, since any third country, supporting such hypothetical “trials”, will sign in direct complicity with Russian aggression, and most regimes will not agree to this, keeping “in the wake of the Kremlin”, not to mention the countries that refuse to support Ukraine on a large scale, but at the same time distancing themselves from the Russian Federation.

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