The small Crimean town of Shcholkine on the banks of the Azov “came into the news feeds” of the Russian occupiers from the end of 2022, when its criminal “head of administration” Vladimir Zagrebelskyi received a “criminal case” from the occupiers’ punishers and was therefore “removed from his post”.

The “case” concerned a certain scheme for the development of “whole” 800 thousand rubles on fake “project documentation”, as well as “illegal possession of weapons”. Obviously, the main objective of this “trial” was the “dismissal” of the criminal “mayor”, who is now “under subscription” and “lost the claim for reinstatement”.

We have already described the circumstances that led to the “appointment” in 2017 of Zagrebelskyi, who worked for many years in the “East Crimean Energy Company” and, since 2014, began active criminal cooperation with the Russian invaders.

The previous criminal “head of administration”, Tatyana Yermanova, in 2016 refused to share with the illegal “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov and “deputy prime minister” Dmitry Polonsky on the “transfer” of over a hundred coastal areas to the closest circle of the “top” Crimean collaborators, and after her “resignation” her criminal “successor” Zagrebelskyi “registered everything”.

Also, in a criminal “position”, Zagrebelskyi “became famous” for fires in five-story buildings and in the town market of the occupied Shcholkine, establishing in such a simple way “control over city trade”; further, he pursued Dmitry Demchuk, a Sudak resident, who publicly described the activities of the “arsonist mayor”.

In 2021, Zagrebelskyi was involved in the scam with the “demolition of the remains of the Crimean nuclear power plant”, in which the collaborators “mastered the funds” through the illegal “Center for the Integrated Supply of Construction Projects”, the fake “director” of which Ivan Mikhalchevsky was involved in the scams of the criminal “state unitary enterprises” “Krymmedtechnika”.

The current “resignation” of the repeatedly used Zagrebelskyi is associated by Crimean residents with the fact that in 2023, through the criminal “administration” of Shcholkine, they want to launder tens of millions for a fictitious “reconstruction”. But the illegal “mayor” wanted “too big a piece of the pie”, at the same time trying to “solve the issue bypassing” the criminal “district leadership”, for which he “got problems”.

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