As we already wrote, since the beginning of 2023, Crimean residents have faced a shortage of antibiotics, antispasmodics and antipyretics, against the backdrop of an acute outbreak of respiratory diseases.

Further, the fake “press service” of criminal occupiers’ “ministry of health” announced an alleged “some shortage of imported drugs”. The criminal “ministry” tried to “direct attention” to the criminal fake “enterprise” “Crimea Pharmacy”, allegedly “responsible for the assortment”.

Now the occupiers have acknowledged the absence of a number of antipyretic drugs, such as “Nurofen”, in pharmacies, and the criminal occupiers’ “head of Roszdravnadzor”, Natalya Yurchak, began to ask for “information about underground drug dealers” to be sent to her.

However, there is really no need to look for such “underground dealers”, since the Crimean residents are well aware that drugs, through the same “Crimea-Pharmacy”, are massively exported to the aggressor’s army in the area of hostilities. The criminal “volunteer” Evgeny Pichugin was previously noticed on these mass transportations, with the direct assistance of the criminal “ministry”.

It is also worth noting the characteristics of “health care” from the Russian invaders written on social networks after the death in the “hospital” on New Year’s eve of a resident of the occupied Sevastopol, who was unable to receive medical care.

It also points to “the style of work, namely complete indifference to patients”, to “drunks from the ambulance”, the unreliability of “analyzes in hospital laboratories”; on “medicine destroyed by swindlers” and on the fact that “narrow specialists are absent in hospitals”, and “prescriptions have to be paid a steep sum”, since “the provision of drugs …is absent”.

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