Since 2022 Cem Kiran, a Muscovite of Turkish origin, was “noted in the active role” of another fake “people’s diplomat” and allegedly “Turkish content blogger”, created by Russian propaganda
The study of the biography of this character, who actively spreads the aggressor’s narratives in Turkish, allows us to state that he has been involved in this field by the Russian special services since 2017.

Prior to that, Kiran graduated from the Moscow State University of Design, he worked in Moscow jewelry stores and was a frequenter of the “Moscow hangout”, having once marked himself as a “unisex polisher” in his Linkedin network profile.

Also, a person with the same data was registered in 2020 as an individual entrepreneur in the Moscow region, namely in the city of Krasnoarmeysk, where he provided services in “Yandex.Taxi” in the economy class mode.

It is obvious that the “Turkish blogger”, who worked as a taxi driver, received rather modest fees from his curators, and the Russian special services probably decided to put into practice the old cliché from jokes “about a taxi driver versed in world politics.”

Now this figure not only shoots fake videos about the “children of Donbass” in Turkish, but also became a “regular guest” on the aggressor-controlled “Crimean television”. There, the other day, Kiran said that in Turkey they allegedly “massively misinform people about the life of the Crimean Tatars” in the occupied Crimea.

Naturally, neither Kiran himself nor his specific Moscow “circle of contacts” have anything in common neither with the “Turkish people”, as this “blogger” pathetically declares, nor with the Crimean Tatars.

The use by the aggressor’s propaganda the figures of such a frankly specific type only emphasizes the fact that the Russian occupiers, due to their notorious toxicity, are not able to attract more “sane” and “authoritative” characters for this function of promoting the criminal ideas of the “Russian world” in Turkey.

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