From April 9, the aggressor’s propaganda began to spread speculation about allegedly “mass aid” to cancer patients in the occupied territories, with reference to the criminal “minister of health” and “deserved corrupted person” from the “sanitary control” Konstantin Skorupsky and serving the illegal visit to the occupied peninsula of the aggressor’s minister of health Mikhail Murashko.

However, all the aggressor’s speculations both about the “Crimean republican oncology center” controlled by the Russian invaders and about the plans to launder millions at some new “oncology center” have a simple explanation. Since 2022, residents of the occupied mainland territories of Ukraine have lost the opportunity to be diagnosed and treated in oncology dispensaries in Zaporizhzhya and Kherson, Kyiv, as well as in European Union countries.

Therefore, all possible visits to the Simferopol oncology dispensary, where there are neither appropriate modern medicines, nor equipment, nor places to accommodate patients, are obviously only a forced measure for many patients who, due to large-scale Russian aggression, were left without the necessary treatment at all.

As international observers have repeatedly reported, among other objects of criminal attacks by Russian terrorists, many Ukrainian hospitals, including cancer dispensaries, were seriously damaged.

In addition, as it was previously reported, collaborator Skorupsky criminally organized the supply of medicines, equipment and cars from Crimean “medical institutions” to the Russian occupiers and he is actively involved in the criminal reformatting of the medical system of the occupied peninsula for the needs of the Russian army.

He also actively participated, violating the Geneva Conventions, in reducing the network of maternity hospitals in the occupied Crimea, which was clearly “appropriate” in the context of the deepest demographic crisis in the region caused by the Russian occupation.

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