On November 10, the fake “Crimean volunteer” Valeria Petrusevich, controlled by the Russian special services, posted a rather “nervous” post on social networks, in which she tried to “refute” recent information about the increasing cases of poisoning of aggressor soldiers by “humanitarian aid” forcibly collected by the occupiers in the Crimea.

However, stating that “none of my acquaintances have encountered or met anything like this,” Petrusevich was forced to admit that at least the collection of phone numbers from forced “donors” from her criminal “firm” is mandatory.

By the way, if we are already talking about this “volunteer”, who in the spring of 2022 was still trying to cynically play the role of “helping the civilian population”, and by the fall, as part of the total genocide by the aggressor of the Ukrainians of the mainland Kherson region, shed this mask and was closely engaged in “private deliveries” for the aggressor’s army, including weapons and even gasoline, then it is certainly possible to understand its current “public hysteria”, because “big money loves silence”.

And the point here is not in the “help” itself and not in Petrusevich’s “pin-up tours” through the “officers’ dugouts and generals’ positions” of the occupiers in the Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions, because “she won’t earn a lot” on this. Real, literally “live” money here criminally arises in a completely different place.

Here, perhaps, collaborator Dmitry Savluchenko, who was “in charge of youth”, “could tell” something about Kherson children in June, in the then occupied Kherson, but he will never be able to do this, “successfully” enough for Petrusevich. However, Petrusevich’s “accomplice” Yevgeny Pichugin, who has “tight ties” with the criminal occupational “ministry of health” and “Crimea Pharmacy”, still has a chance to communicate with the investigation and the court in this world as well.

It was not in vain that we mentioned the “medical sphere”, since the most “profitable” front-line “business” for such criminal characters as Petrusevich and Pichugin is, of course, “black” transplantation. Too many citizens of Ukraine, including children, disappeared without a trace in the war zone and in the occupied territories, and too many patients “received what they were looking for” in hospitals in Moscow, Rostov and Krasnodar. We wrote about these tragic stories in the spring of 2022 and do not intend to repeat the described details.

We will only add that even if we take Petrusevich’s purely “external” criminal activity, to take allegedly “orphaned” children from the Kherson region through the occupied Crimea to Russia, then these acts of hers fully fall under the offense of genocide, namely paragraph “e” of Article II relevant Convention: “forcible transfer of children from one human group to another”.

Most recently, the same Petrusevich publicly confessed to kidnapping for an unknown purpose at least two children – Margarita Mityunina and Artem Rotonos. Perhaps these children were a little “lucky”, because if they were in better health, it is unlikely that Petrusevich would publicly post their photos. Rather, their ultrasound and MRI data would be described in the “service chat”.

Now we are interested in something else: let’s say that Petrusevich, who is closely engaged in the search for “valuable orders”, “does not know” anything about the poisonings of the “Crimean humanitarian aid”, she has no time to read “thematic chats”, and it is clearly “not easy to walk” or this “princess of internal organs” to her criminal “colleagues” of “lower rank”, attending “prayer meetings”, really living from the stolen “share” of the forcibly collected “help”, where such things are now being actively discussed.

Also, the criminal aggressor’s command is obviously well aware of the real “commercial” interest of Petrusevich in the front zone, giving this madam a “green light” everywhere.

But do the Russian invaders’ “mobilized” soldiers know about her real tasks, against the background of which she periodically arranges her “pin-up” – a question, of course, although rhetorical, but quite interesting.

After all, no matter how tragic it may sound, children, “interesting” for Petrusevich, end up in the Russia-occupied territory of the mainland south of Ukraine, as part of the occupiers’ policy of criminal deportations, but there is more than enough fresh “cannon fodder” from the aggressor in that zone. Yes, and Petrusevich “switched” from “assistance to the population” to criminal support for the aggressor’s units is not accidental.

And therefore, before the complete de-occupation of the entire territory of Ukraine, many clients of the criminal “firm” Petrusevich will still have time to improve their “health” as part of her constant trips to the front.

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