Earlier, it was repeatedly stated that the Kremlin stopped in 2022 the criminal centralized “financial support for the economy” of the occupied AR of Crimea and Sevastopol, and even at the stage of final preparations for a large-scale aggression against Ukraine.

The end of this year forced the occupiers’ propaganda to publicly “record” this disappointing situation, in particular after the “adoption” of illegal “budgets” for 2023.

Obviously, in the fake “picture of the future” proposed by the aggressor, it is necessary to “somehow explain” to the population “where everything is heading”, and not only the “talking heads” of collaborators, but also the so-called “analysts” are put into play.

In this regard, the aggressor’s attention to the fake “City development institute” of the illegal “Sevastopol state university”, which the occupiers are trying to turn into an “analytical center” to support their criminal plans, is noteworthy.

It should be noted that the so-called “director” of this “institute” Ivan Kusov in the summer of 2022 was “transferred” by the Russian invaders to the criminal “position of the minister of science and education” of the aggressor’s occupation “administration” in Luhansk.

His Sevastopol “successor” Alexei Tikhonov, who previously worked in the “branch of the Moscow State University” is now actively “spinning” the Russian invaders’ propaganda with statements that “you can not endlessly ask for money for the development of the city” from the Kremlin.

However, in addition to calls for “belt tightening”, it is noteworthy that Tikhonov admitted that the “official statistics” of the occupiers are fake, which turns out to be “not enough” to “make any decisions”. As this aggressor’s “researcher” admits, “we lack an analytical component. We don’t know the city we live in,” and the criminal “municipalities, in fact, have nothing.”

Within the framework of the aggressor’s attitude to the population of the occupied territories as “new oil”, the criminal words of the “analyst” are symptomatic that a “serious analysis of the demographic situation is supposedly needed in order to assess the inflow and outflow of the population and predict when the tax base can be created, which will be able to provide … the budget”.

However, the criminal “authorities” are also concerned about more “practical things” in the occupied Sevastopol.

For example, the criminal hasty arrival “on a visit at Christmas” to Mikhail Razvozhaev of his Moscow “bosses” Sergey Kiriyenko and Andrey Turchak is connected not so much with “financial or economic problems” but with the idea to “organize a replacement” of Kremlin’s “new disenchantment”, criminal “senator from Sevastopol” Ekaterina Altabayeva by fake “deputy” Tatyana Lobach.

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