On the eve of 2023, the Russian occupiers maximized militarist propaganda on the occupied peninsula, including the “New Year tree of desires” campaign, allegedly “targeted” at the “fulfillment of children’s wishes”.

The essence of the action is allegedly that “children place wishes on the New Year tree”, and criminal “officials” then “fulfill” them.

The “starter” in this show was the St. Petersburg “deputy of the state duma” Oleg Nylov, who in December, 2022 criminally and cynically stated that “a boy … from Kiev dreams of rockets”, adding that “you will get rockets, wait”.

Later, Russian invaders decided to “make creative” in occupied Sevastopol on this occasion. For example, the alleged “wishes” of a certain “schoolboy from Balaklava” Andrey Chirva, whose father, “captain 3rd rank” Alexander Chirva, was “commander of the large amphibious ship” “Caesar Kunikov” of the aggressor’s “197th brigade”.

“Caesar Kunikov” was injured in March 2022 in occupied Berdyansk, and the aforementioned traitor to Ukraine, who joined the service of the aggressor in 2014, “died of his wounds” no later than April, 2022.

However, even here it was not without an “overlay” because the aggressor’s Kremlin official Andrey Turchak, to whom, according to the criminal intent of the invaders’ propagandists, “Andrei’s request was addressed”, “did not have time to complete” this “show with a child” in time, so his henchmen had to do it.

Also, the aggressor’s propaganda reported on the alleged “wishes’ execution” of the “young Sevastopol man” Daniil Prokopov, who was “taken for a ride” around Sevastopol Bay on the “anti-sabotage boat” of the aggressor “Andrei Paliy” and “was handed a badge and naval vest”.

We note that this show was probably held with the son of Ivan Prokopov, a “reconnaissance officer”, “head of military unit 43071”, that is, the so-called “388th marine reconnaissance station”, who was killed in the ranks of the aggressor’s army in the Kherson Region no later than the beginning of June 2022 .

It is noteworthy that this aggressor’s military unit was based in Tuapse until 2014 and took an active part in the criminal occupation of the Crimea, for which, in particular, Prokopov, a native of the Stavropol region, received a “medal”.

We previously wrote about the “anti-sabotage boat” itself, on which the occupiers’ propagandists now “rolled Daniil around the bay”, and it was noted that it was named “in honor” of the criminal “deputy commander of the Black Sea Fleet”, Andrei Paliy, who was killed in Mariupol in March, 2022 under rather interesting circumstances, clearly “just in time” in as part of the “struggle for chairs” in the aggressor’s headquarters.

Therefore, it is extremely characteristic that all the described “New Year’s madness” from the aggressor is directly connected with death – either with those who have already been killed as part of the hostilities, or with new Kremlin’s criminal plans in Ukraine.

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