According to the aggressor’s propaganda with reference to the “scientific director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia” Roman Vilfand, the “velvet season” on the Black Sea coast of the occupied Crimea allegedly “will last until October 10”; at the same time, the “chief forecaster” added that “maybe a little later I will extend it … until mid-October.”

Such a “confident forecast” for two months ahead may surprise meteorologists, but for us the situation is clear enough.

The aggressor is accustomed to manipulating the numbers of “millions of tourists” who supposedly arrived in the Crimea, and since this year the “summer numbers” with “big zeros” do not come out at the expense of all the people who crossed the bridge, the occupiers will simply extend the “registration period”; however, with the current reality of “tourists” most likely they will have to complete the summer season by December.

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