In early January, the “blogger” Alexander Talipov, controlled by the Russian special services, who had previously fought against “manifestations of Ukraine” in the color frame of the kindergarten and in the statements of the old man on the Yalta embankment, took up a new “exposure of the century”.
He “published” a letter from a certain “poet and theater-goer” Yevgeny Barulin, accusing the illegal “leadership” of the aggressor-controlled “Sevastopol academic Russian drama theater” by the of “sabotage” against the invaders, moreover, “not only cultural”.

Naturally, Barulin sees the main “guilt of the theatre” in the face of its illegal “director” Grigory Lifanov in “dismissal” from the end of December of “himself, beloved”.

But realizing that this is “clearly not enough”, Barulin accuses the “theater” of all “mortal sins”, namely, of staging the “anti-state play” by the late Mikhail Ugarov “Oblom off”, which allegedly “does not support enough” the Kremlin, as well as Lifanov’s refusal to give Barulin a stage for “reading front-line poetry” “Wait for me”.

It should be noted that a native of Yekaterinburg, Lifanov, who was criminally “appointed” to the occupied Sevastopol as a “theater director” in 2015, least of all looks like a “fighter against the regime”, and the mentioned Ugarov’s play does not contain any appeals.

The “creativity” of Barulin, who previously, by the way, acted under the pseudonym “John”, in the form of a couple of poems with which he has been trying to exploit the unlawful theme of “heroes of the Russian world” for the last five years, has such a “high artistic quality” that he is not “accepted” in the occupied Sevastopol even by the most “persistent” collaborators.

This farce of “exposures of theater-goers” and their “promotion” by the criminal Talipov, in the style of Stalin’s ‘theatrical decrees” on the “enemy repertoire”, exhaustively emphasizes the oppressive atmosphere of the aggressor’s chronic hysteria that has developed on the occupied peninsula, in which the above-described crooks are trying to “grab their piece”.

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