After new explosions on the illegal Crimean bridge, the invaders’ talking heads found themselves in a rather ridiculous situation: on the one hand, their entire previous “set of slogans” was devoted to the “holiday season” in the supposedly “safe peninsula”, and on the other hand, comparing with last year the Kremlin and Russian intelligence agencies have clearly tightened control over every statement of collaborators.

So Sergey Aksyonov was the first to react to the explosions, pointing out that “traffic was stopped on the Crimean bridge: an emergency occurred in the area of the 145th support from the Krasnodar Territory”; with a clear hint that the “incident” was “outside the Crimea”.

For the next almost two hours, the criminal “authorities” did not say what exactly happened to the bridge and what condition it was in.

In addition to the absurdity with the exact place of the explosion, the aggressor’s “talking heads” “launched into circulation” a bunch of obvious absurdities, for example, the criminal “senator” Olga Kovitidi assured that “all the structures of the Crimean bridge are on their supports, and her Sevastopol “colleague” Ekaterina Altabaeva stated that “no one panics on the peninsula.”

Accordingly, the criminal “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov, ignoring hundreds of published evidence of the transfer of the aggressor’s equipment through an illegal road crossing, thought of saying that “the automobile part of the crossing is an exclusively civilian facility”.

Also, the statement of the criminal “governor” Razvozhaev is not distinguished by truthfulness, that allegedly “the supply of gasoline in Sevastopol is sufficient, there will be no shortage, so there is no need to stock up on fuel. The situation is the same with products”.

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