On December 28, the aggressor’s propaganda decided to criminally “glorify” the next Crimean residents, killed in the aggressor’s army, this time from the Pervomaisky District of the occupied peninsula.

Six names are indicated on the fake “stele”, placed by the Russian invaders in Pervomayske (Dzhurchi) settlement, and although this list is far from complete, its analysis gives an idea of the structure of the aggressor’s losses.

Two residents of the district, Aleksey Gusev from the village of Frunze (Biyuk-Borash) and Oleksandr Ignatov from the village of Kormovoe (Togayly), served in the Ukrainian marines before the occupation of Crimea, and in 2014 they betrayed the oath, “going on a contract” in the army of the aggressor, obviously – to the “126th Marine brigade”. It is noteworthy that Gusev burned down in a tank on February 25, and Ignatov was killed no later than March 2, 2022.

Also, no later than February 28, Sergei Stepanenko from the village of Matveevka (Shygim) was killed, for which there is no data at all in open sources. There is also no data on Sergei Germanov, born in 1978 from the village of Hvardeiske (Akchora), who was killed no later than September 12, and according to his age, it is likely that he was “mobilized” criminally.

At the same time, the path to the death of Ilya Sharabarin from Oleksiivka (Eski Alikech) and Ivan Lazarchuk from the Ostrovske village (Kiyat) is more or less obvious, they were illegally “conscripted” into the aggressor’s army and were killed in the fall of 2022, and Sharabarin – in the village Zolota Balka, Kherson Region.

Such a wide geography of those killed means that Russian aggression brought the deaths of those criminally “mobilized” and “conscripted” to literally every Crimean settlement.

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