Since 2014, the Russian occupiers have consistently carried out criminal “personnel rotations” in the occupied Sevastopol, importing a lot of Russian “careerist-colonizers” there as fake “officials”. Most of these “managers” did not hide the fact that they criminally use “positions” in the occupied region as a “career jump” in Russia itself.

However, with the start of large-scale Russian aggression, “something went wrong” and these “careerists” really began to be criminally used by the Kremlin outside of Sevastopol, but not in Russia, but in the newly occupied territories of Ukraine.

For example, Vladimir Yezhikov, who spent three years in the “development of federal funds” within the framework of the illegal “department of economic development” under the auspices of the criminal “governor” of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov, was recently announced as the criminal “deputy prime minister” of the Donetsk terrorists.

It is characteristic that in the occupied Sevastopol Yezhikov, brought by Ovsyannikov from his “former place of work” in the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, was not particularly “noted by anything”, except for scandals around the so-called “development corporation” and participation in all kinds of propaganda aggressor’s “investment forums”.

In occupied Donetsk, Yezhikov criminally served the terrorist “administration” of the invaders in various roles throughout 2022. He fell under the personal sanctions of a number of civilized countries, and a similar criminal “career”, with a fairly predictable ending, is now being “built” by a number of former illegal “Sevastopol appointees”.

On this occasion, Sevastopol residents sneer at the “flair” of the former illegal “head of the ambulance service” Tatyana Basyuk (Stulba), who recently “transferred” to the district hospital in the village of Bereznik, 260 kilometers from Russia’s Arkhangelsk, noting that “but she is in relative safety”.

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