On December 14, the criminal occupiers’ “Crimean administration” adopted another fake “decision” on next illegal “nationalization”, this time of the “Megastroy” chain of stores. The aggressor’s propaganda claims that this network could allegedly belong to a prominent Ukrainian businessman, Vasyl Khmelnytsky.

A few years ago, independent journalists proved that this beneficiary, through the Cypriot company ‘Synestra’, may own the “Zhigulina Roshcha” residential area built in 2017 in occupied Simferopol. Representatives of Khmelnytsky previously stated that they allegedly sold their Crimean assets until 2019.

Interestingly, the now criminally “nationalized” “Megastroy”, mentioned in the fake invaders’ “registers” with “registration” in the village of Chystenke near Simferopol, “is in the process of being liquidated.” It is possible that the collaborators from the clan of Vladimir Konstantinov, by means of “urgent nationalization”, are trying to criminally seize the “runaway” property of this structure.

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