The terrorist attack at “Crocus City Hall”, organized by the aggressor’s intelligence services, became the reason for quite characteristic changes in the aggressor’s approaches to its repressive apparatus. And it’s not just about the public demonstration of the torture of a detained possible terrorist in the form of eating his severed ear as a new “official normality”.
We are also talking about the question raised by the criminal “state duma Crimean deputy” Mikhail Sheremet about “restoring the death penalty in Russia”, and in this context it is worth recalling the role in the “Crocus” case of other Crimean talking heads, namely Aksyonov and Konstantinov, who announced the mass murders of Ukrainians .
Regarding Sheremet’s words that he “intends to initiate the issue at the legislative level of introducing… the death penalty for terrorism, drug trafficking and crimes against minors,” the head of the Duma faction of “United Russia” Vladimir Vasilyev said that the authorities will make a decision that “will meet expectations society”, thereby confirming that the criminal declarations of the Crimean collaborators are not just their self-PR, but part of the Kremlin’s next bloodthirsty plans.

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