“Crimean football” was again “noted” as part of a tragicomic plot, but this time not as part of another fake “championship”, but after a “rich match” on November 30 in occupied Simferopol between “Rubin” and “TSK-Tavria”.

At this “event” the few Yalta fans of “Rubin” were outraged by the alleged “trial” of their competitors, a “clone” of the once famous team controlled by the occupiers. After the event, the Yalta residents lit several fireworks and started shouting things that are traditional for fans in such cases. However, the Russian invaders regarded this as an “unauthorized rally” and a “serious threat”, after which they detained two dozen people.

Further, the “president” of the Yalta “Rubin” collaborator Sergei Gardok decided to blame the situation of the criminal “minister of sports” of the Russian occupiers, Olga Torubarova, who was brought from Kaluga, allegedly “sympathizing with the court team”.

The “government reaction” was lightning fast – Gardok himself was immediately put behind bars as an “organizer of the riots”, and a fake “ministerial check” was immediately sent to Yalta. This incident shows how painfully the Russian invaders perceive any, even the most innocent, “unauthorized gestures” of the Crimean residents.

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