The criminal “chairman of the republican council of ministers” Yuriy Gotsanyuk on September 2, stated against the backdrop of a systemic decline in the “construction sector” controlled by the aggressor, that there was allegedly “no serious shortage of building materials on the peninsula”; let us recall that earlier collaborators said something similar about gasoline at the beginning of the summer fuel crisis.

At the same time, Gotsanyuk said that building materials are “delivered to the peninsula by freight transport” through the “land corridor”, and also “by ferries across the Kerch Strait and trains along the Crimean bridge” and that “if there is a local shortage, the ministry of transport helps with logistics.”

The “semi-confessions” about “small deficits” habitual for the aggressor’s propaganda are noteworthy here due to the presence in the occupied Crimea of a sufficiently systemic base of its own production of building materials, which the aggressor hastily began to “nationalize” since last year.

Obviously, in addition to the aggressor’s “skillful management” and its “efficient logistics”, the deficit is also affected by the fact that a significant part of the construction products of the Crimean factories began to frantically consume the occupiers’ army structures.

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