On June 8, criminal “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov announced a new wave of “nationalization” in occupied Crimea, announcing “a list of objects of 110 individuals and legal entities.” We previously wrote that this criminal process consists of PR, profit from stolen property and helping individual beneficiaries hide the fact of their Crimean business, as allegedly “nationalized,” from Ukrainian law enforcement officers.
Thus, the old swindler from Consol states that “Arseniy Yatsenyuk is the beneficiary of Antey 2012 LLC, which is the copyright holder of real estate in Yalta on Mukhina Street.” The company “Antey-2012” from Massandra in the Ukrainian registers is registered with the founder from Chernivtsi, Natalya Leshchova, and the same “founder” of the company with the same address is in the occupiers’ “registers”. However, the facility at this address will include a race track, a driving school and a delivery network pick-up point, which is why it is of interest to the collaborator as a development site.
It was also announced about the “nationalization” of the guest house of the parents of the Ukrainian singer Jamala, abandoned during the occupation, in Malorechenske near Alushta, and Konstantinov stated that the house supposedly belongs to the singer.
Konstantinov’s statement about the “Yalta Film Studio” (“Yaltinskaya kinostudiya”) became tragicomic; let us recall that under the conditions of occupation, “cinema” quickly ended, and the invaders created an illegal “unitary enterprise” “Film Studio “Yalta-Film”” at the facility, after which the film studio quickly fell into a deplorable state.
In 2018, the occupiers “transferred” the studio’s property to another illegal structure, the “unitary enterprise” “Krymsky kinomediatsent” (“Crimean film media center”), which was no longer engaged in filming films but in “popularizing Russian cinema.” Earlier we wrote that “Aksyonov’s painful attention to the issue of the “Yalta Film Studio” is connected mainly with the tasty lands and real estate of this facility,” and in January of this year, the fake “director” of the “Crimean Film Media Center” Svetlana Kosarich stated that “a package of documents for the transfer of the “Yalta Film Studio” the film studio is ready for an investor,” and “one of the large domestic banks became one of them.”

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