According to aggressor-controlled media, the aggressor in mid-December announced the “protected status” of two oak trees in the village of Ozerne and two more in the village of Dalne. However, such “touching concern” for individual Sevastopol trees, with their simultaneous mass destruction for development and “infrastructure projects”, has a prosaic explanation: the occupiers came up with a good scheme for laundering funds for “protected plants” through the illegal “federal research center Institute of Biology of the South Seas” .

It is the “phytoresources laboratory” of this “institute” that should supposedly “regularly conduct monitoring, phytopathological examination of trees, develop care and treatment measures” and so on, and, of course, only on paper. As Natalia Milchakova, the “head of the laboratory,” cynically stated, the amounts of the “contracts” are deliberately split up so as “not to hold a competition that could be won by specialists from other regions who are not familiar with Sevastopol nature”.

These “cute little things” from the drying up “budget trough”, however, also have a tragicomic dimension: a number of previous “protected trees” in Sevastopol over the past year, “despite the efforts” of Milchakova’s group, simply dried up, and, as evil tongues say, this is because , much more can be “washed” on a new “registered” tree, including “inspection”, “installation of signs and fencing” and so on.

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