On November 4, Kyiv hosted a special stamping of the events on the “Crimean Bridge” that took place about a month ago.

The event, organized on the pedestrian and bicycle bridge, which withstood the impact of a Russian missile on October 10, was held by the general director of “Ukrposhta”, Ihor Smilyanskyi, and was also attended by the head of the State Property Fund of Ukraine, long-time assistant of Mustafa Dzhemilyev, and former people’s Deputy of Ukraine Rustem Umerov.

As Smilyansky noted, November 4 marked 8 years, 8 months and 8 days of resistance to the Russian invasion; he said that it was decided to set aside part of the circulation of the stamp for the Crimean residents, who will be able to purchase it after the deoccupation. It should be noted that the announcement of this brand throughout October 2022 caused “phantom pains” in Russian propaganda and Crimean collaborators.

It is characteristic that the day before the Vice Prime Minister of Russia Marat Husnullin admitted that both lanes of the road part of the “Crimean Bridge” were damaged as a result of the explosions on October 8, including the one through which the Russian invaders organized the illegal movement of cars shortly after the explosion, and later – the bus transportation.
Now the occupiers claim that allegedly “installation of new spans will begin on November 5” and that illegal “traffic on both lanes of the bridge will be restored on December 20”. At the same time, the same Husnullin admitted that the second lane will be supposedly built by April 2023, and the second railway track damaged on October 8 will be allegedly “restored” by “September next year”.
Thus, the Kremlin is forced to admit the extent of damage to the allegedly “stable and modern” structure of the illegal building. In the meantime, the aggressor’s Ministry of Transport announces “interruptions to the movement of cars on the Crimean Bridge in connection with the implementation of technological works”.

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