Since 2020 dissatisfaction is accumulating in the Crimea among the citizens of Ukraine, who havechosen to collaborate with the occupiers and to join the ranks of the National Guard of the RussianFederation (Rosguard). The reason of such uneasiness is the non-accrual in the Southern District ofthe Rosguard of the premium, introduced by the Russian leadership for the “protection of publicorder” at mass events, in the amount of one hundred percent of the salary. After all, such funds arepaid to the Rosguard only for events in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Therefore, these funds in the Crimea can be obtained only by the Rosguardians, who are sent fromthe Crimea to the capitals of the Russian Federation. Of course, Ukrainian citizens are taken on suchservice trips as prone to betrayal last, only for kickbacks in the amount of up to 30 percent of thebonus, or in case if they have a common for the Rosguard “special relationship” with the leadership ofunits.
At the same time, Rosguardians in Crimea assess the conditions of own collaborative service as risky,in terms of their constant involvement in repressions against the Crimean Tatar people, as well as inthe safeguard of nuclear facilities and materials located in Crimea, as well as for mass events(parades, concerts, visits of the leaders of the Russian Federation) in the conditions of epidemic of acoronavirus without maintenance of proper individual protection.
Under such conditions, there is a mass refusal of these individuals to enter into new contracts inRosguard. This led to increased pressure on the Rosguardians – citizens of Ukraine by the unit`sleaders and by the military counterintelligence of the Russia. The situation is under attempt of controlby the commander of the Rosguard in the Crimea, a collaborator, former commander of the internaltroops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Stepan Gaidarzhiysky and byhis deputy for personnel Igor Nazarenko.

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