On November 23, the aggressor -controlled “Sevastopol press” the suddenly became “concerned” about the impact of sanctions on oil refining, while mentioning “at risk” the Crimean oil refinery from the “Aktash” structure, located on the Kerch Peninsula, using “local oil extracted in the region”, from which “mazut and fuel for marine diesel engines are produced.” The occupiers write that they plan to solve the problems of “equipment repair” through “parallel imports,” that is, bypassing sanctions, in addition to allegedly “purchasing parts from China,” but at the same time they declare risks in order to “prevent defects” because “when using copies or analogues instead of original parts, unexpected breakdowns may occur”.

Aktash” itself reports that it is engaged in “road transportation of dangerous goods”, “refining of oil and gas condensate on a toll basis” and “sale of petroleum products of its own production”, namely “low solidification fraction” and “fuel oil 40”, as well as “storage of petroleum products at the enterprise’s oil depot”. It is stated that “Aktash” “refines Crimean oil”, “purchasing it on the exchange” from the illegal “Chernomorneftegaz” and bying oil from its illegal structure “Krymtopenergoservis”, while, among other things, this structure is allegedly “certified” by “Bureau Veritas Rus.” from Volgograd.

The criminal “director” of these “oil workers” was Alexander Radchenko, who was listed in the Ukrainian registers as such Crimean structures as the “Jewish Home” (“Yevreyskyi Dom”) in Simferopol, the Crimean companies “Corporation Empire” (“Korporatziya Imperiya”), “Kalorado” and “Meristem Complex”, as well as the Lvov-located “Ukrbilsvit”; Radchenko unsuccessfully ran in 1998 for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from the “Union” (“Soyuz”) party.

We must note that the “Corporation Empire”, registered in 1993, had a license for telephone services in Crimea and Dnepropetrovsk until 2007, and Dmitry Getman, also “exposed” before the occupation as the director of the children’s health camp “Travel” in Krasnolissya, was also “noted” as its representative, also as in the Simferopol shopping complex “Molodezhny” and the company “TSUM”.

Among the founders of these structures are the notorious “authoritative Crimean entrepreneur” Lev Mirimsky and his wife Victoria. Dmitry Getman also “lit up” as a member of the election commission in Simferopol district No. 2 in the 2012 parliamentary elections, where Mirimsky was elected people’s deputy from the same “Union” party.

We previously wrote about the attempt of the relatives of the “authoritative Crimean” Lev Mirimsky, who died in 2017, to get rid of the assets of the “family business” in the form of the “Shevchenko cinema” in Simferopol with five cinema halls “at least” for 90 million rubles, which became known in August 2022 .

However, it is obvious that this group of collaborators clearly does not intend to give up the “oil business,” and therefore the current “concerned publications” regarding “Aktash” have become a kind of “warm greeting” to the heirs of the “Crimean authority” from competing groups, with a clear hint of the “need to share”. This story also raises additional questions about the role of the Volgograd branch of the French Bureau Veritas regarding assistance in violations of the sanctions regime.

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